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Covid-19 Tests

Testasy Online Rapid antigen kit

Otrzymaj certyfikat badania bez wychodzenia z domu. Zestaw do testu otrzymasz kurierem.

Our advantages

With us you'll forget about queues and dealing with potentially sick people. Simply order your kit, wait for delivery, schedule your appointment online at your convenience and connect with our medical assistant. 

Nasze rozwiązanie jest przyjazne dla osób ceniących sobie komfort, rodziców z dziećmi oraz osób, które z powodów zdrowotnych nie mogą opuścić mieszkania.

With thoughtful and digital technology you can take our kit with you wherever you go. All you need is the Internet and a camera to take the test and get the certificate.

In the interest of security we encrypt all information obtained and transmitted.

With Testasy you can perform the test in the comfort of your home, hotel, car or anywhere your imagination allows.

Our solution is not only to order a self-test kit from us under the supervision of a medical assistant. Our customers also receive information on quarantine and the current COVID-19 regulations.

With our online solution we also provide service on weekends and holidays.

Na badanie COVID-19 można umówić się codziennie od godziny 9 do 21. W nagłych przypadkach, za wcześniejszą konsultacją istnieje możliwość rozszerzenia godzin serwisu.

We deliver tests to any place in Poland and Switzerland. In the form of standard shipment (1-2 working days) or express (up to 12 next day).

Recognizing the continuous demand for testing we come out to our customers with an attractive price offer.

Do you prefer to contact us by phone or to write a message? We are flexible and by using WhatsApp you can connect with us online without extra costs!

We are registered with the Ministry of Health as a telemedicine facility.

As a Polish-Swiss startup operating internationally we issue certificates in English as standard.

With our international team we provide services in Polish, English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian. 

Our promise: 3 simple steps


Place an order

1-2 business days. For an additional fee we provide express shipping.


Book an appointment

Scan the QR code with any code scanning App and follow the instructions.


Download certificate

You will receive a test result certificate by e-mail.

Antigen test

We use the WHO recommended globally accepted Panbio Abbott tests.

Pojedynczy zestaw (test+badanie) kosztuje 120 zł i upoważnia do uzyskania jednego certyfikatu

RT-PCR test

Remote swabbing solution under video supervision in cooperation with Alab laboratories.

A single set costs 450 PLN and entitles to one certificate.

What customers say about us

I can recommend Testasy with a clear conscience. I use it once again, as well as my friends, and everything is always smooth and trouble-free.
Everything was great. Excellent communication, easy to understand instructions and affordable prices. Easy and convenient, especially if you want to take the test at home. Highly recommend!

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