Your reliable testing partner

With hands-on experience in mass testing both online and offline, Testasy provides the most comprehensive COVID-19 testing solution to support businesses in opening up to their customers and promoting safer workplaces


Private or public, small or large, we are flexible with the configuration of your event. We arrange both online and on-site testing options depending on your needs

Private companies and institutions

Do your employees travel for business? Or would you like to keep your workspace safe? All you need to do is stock up on Testasy, we do the rest. We also offer on-site testing for your company

Travel agencies

Do you organize tours? Let’s take care of your clients' comfort together.
Your clients don’t need to stand in lines in Poland or look for testing solutions during their vacation – just contact us  


Forget about complicated agreements with laboratories, arranging special rooms at your hotel. Simply stock up on Testasy, and we’ll take it from there to ensure safety and the smoothest experience for your guests

Restaurants & Bars

Don’t lose customers because you want to ensure safety on your premises. Redirect them to us or offer them Testasy at your door, and we’ll facilitate safety in the quickest and easiest way possible


We have strong bonds with Poland’s biggest influencers, and are looking for more!
Contact us and let's talk about possible collaborations

Did we miss anything? 

Are you an owner or anything else? We are open to collaborate with pharmacies, retailers, cash & carry, and anyone else interested! 

Our promise 


Since the beginning of the pandemic, Testasy has been involved with mass testing in several countries, helping over 100 organizations guarantee safety on their premises 


Testasy is your one-stop solution for COVID-19 testing. Forget about negotiations with labs, clinics and complicated arrangements adding to your workload – Testasy will assess your business needs and provide a tailored solution to minimize disruptions to your business  


Our solution is flexible and requires minimal logistical arrangements and human resources, eliminating bottlenecks associated with traditional testing 

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